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Data Integration Service in Indonesia

One of your most precious assets is data, which drives opportunities across your business. Luckily, combining data from even different systems doesn't have to be a burden when you have a reliable data integration solution. Our data integration service is specifically customized to your requirements.

Taking control of your networks is time-consuming, expensive, and risky. Instead, regardless of how your network is structured or how many data sources you have, our services can deliver your data quickly and precisely. We confirm that the data you receive is consistent and in the format you require.

Deltadata Mandiri is designed with the technology to connect to any database. Currently, we are linking various networks for some of the world's largest organizations. Their data is collected in a single location, quickly and precisely.

From CRMs to databases, our clients select the delivery method and frequency that best meets their needs. They frequently use our optional data analytics modules to swiftly evaluate and visualize their data. Our software is simple to install, and the ongoing process is handled by one of our data management experts.

Cyber Security Service in Indonesia

Cyber Security  answer thequestion of how to do more with less in Security

Rapid application development is a form of Agile software development methodology. The development usually use Low Code Platform combined with agile scrum project management. Unlike Waterfall methods, RAD emphasizes working software and user feedback over strict planning and requirements recording.In other words, RAD is less talk, more action. While RAD DE-emphasizes strict planning, there are still a handful of steps or phases each development project goes through then using the rapid application development methodology
Effective and faster Application Development and Delivery (AD&D) has been a very tricky problem to solve for organizations. The reason is that traditional way of app development and delivery has not been able to keep up with the needs of the new age customer. In today’s digital world, application delivery has to take the center stage as the speed in developing and delivering applications is becoming essential to business success. Moreover, in the age of the customer, the demands on modern applications are unprecedented. Modern applications need to be customer focused, multi channel, engaging,interconnected and secure. In addition,all of these demands have to be delivered in a short time. How Rapid application development answer the question can redo more with less in application development.

Risk Assessment: Moments protecting value for enterprises include estimating, auditing, identifying, prioritizing, and reducing risk.

Security Testing: We think about the ethics of testing to find any flaws in your infrastructure and then closing them.

IT Resources: The most significant source of security is right here. We give teams the necessary skills where they may stand for their passion.

Auto Testing: Even minor changes to company systems can create new vulnerabilities that we are unaware of. Automation is required.

IT Security Audit: Checking the appropriate security matrix for your business; if everything is in position, you will need to do usability, policy, and regulatory audits.

Majority of unsatisfactory result starting from Focus on technology and architecture and not business problem

Our Data Integration Techniques

Our data integration consulting services use various strategies to automate linking diverse data throughout the enterprise.

Dynamic Data Structures

When it comes to integrating data, our best practices dictate that our systems first attempt to modify and mitigate any transformation in the data dynamically. If this cannot be performed dynamically, our procedures will identify and inform you of the potential causes of data integration failure, allowing you to fix the issue rapidly.

Data Cleansing

Cleaning data for analysis is no longer a time-consuming task for scientists and analysts working in data science fields. As a result of this modern approach, analysts and data scientists may spend their time addressing complicated business issues and identifying new opportunities rather than dealing with tedious data purification tasks.

ICS Security Assessment:

Case-specific threat modeling and vulnerability analysis of Process Control Systems and their components. We Offer an understanding of your current attack surface and the resulting business impact of potential attacks.

Integration Prioritization

The cost of moving, transforming and integrating large amounts of data and the upfront and continual costs of data management are all factors to consider. Because of this, you may decide that combining all of your data isn't necessary. As a result of our best practices and technologies, we can assist you in prioritizing the information you should include in your data integration efforts and the information you should omit.

Prebuilt ELT and ETL Frameworks

ELT and ETL frameworks have been developed that allow us to quickly achieve a standard naming convention, auditable processes, and a clearly defined lineage for the intake pipeline.

Data Transformation

We standardize transformation procedures so that they may be easily understood at a high level by taking advantage of new tools available on the market. Transforming isn't the most critical element; having a process that can be repeated, interrupted, executed, and understood.


Obstacles to effective application delivery

Demand exceeds capacity CIOs are under pressure.

Demanding business  be handled by the limited staff strength. There is a tremendous pressure to take care of the budget for obtaining more resources.

Shortage of skilled resources .

While unavailability of enough resources is one end of the problem, the other  even worse. There is a shortage of skilled resources. Skilled resources come with a premium rate tag and is subjected to constrained budget.

Complexity of platforms.

Big organizations have a problem of many platforms. Most of the time, usage of departmental software is outside of the purview of IT and a lot of times different platforms gets accumulated over the period of years, even if they are not used currently.
The legacy baggage.

CIOs unequivocally agree on this point.Every organization spends significant time and resources to maintain misapplication based on legacy technologies. Moreover, getting an application built on data from a gamut of these legacy technologies, contributes to further delays in app delivery.

Human intervention in software development.

Traditional development using Java and.NET are not the best choices anymore.Even with the best resources, there is always the question of future proofing your application to scalability, security,performance and other such factors. As long as there is a dependency on people to create software for a particular business goal, there is always a question the best practices and future-proof solution.

Integrate your company data with Deltadata Mandiri if you are looking to:

To develop an actionable ecosystem for data asset standardization and reuse, employ a metadata management strategy.

To hold up with rapidly adjusting market conditions, analyze your data frequently and respond to them with full force.

Achieve cost-effective and accurate information management of complicated integration frameworks with many data sources.

With access controls that are constantly checked, changed, and streamlined, it is possible to avoid excessive manual intervention in preserving data accuracy and compliance.

To complete the requirements of various industries and save infrastructure costs, a single hub should be established to control varied rates of integration.

Our data integration services can help you

Why Deltadata Mandiri Cyber Security Services

Transform your company with threat intelligence and orchestration, automation, cybersecurity consulting, cloud, and managed security services from Deltadata Mandiri's multi-layered approach to cyber security protection. We can help your company identify, avoid, and recover from a cyber security compromise by using a holistic strategy for cyber security.

Our comprehensive cyber security defense comprises threat intelligence, incident response, anti-malware, anti-ransomware protection, perimeter security, application security assessment, and security monitoring benefits. Our IT security risk inspection and cyber security programs let you know where you are and how to better protect your company from cyberattacks and other forms of data loss.

Our team of cyber risk auditors will perform gap analyses to determine a clear path to a more vital cyber security program. To provide enterprises with a greater level of security, we bring together subject matter experts in cybersecurity management and policy with the most cutting-edge technology available. We can get a more in-depth understanding of your organization's critical infrastructure, computer security, and security policy since we're always on the pulse of current cybersecurity developments. 

To help you with your most challenging security concerns, we'll come in as your only security resource or supplement your existing IT capabilities. Deltdata Mandiri's cybersecurity services are fully managed, so you don't have to worry about constant threats to your business' security.

Get in touch with us, and we'll set up an exploratory conversation to explore how we can assist you with your online demands!

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Custom Data Integration Services from Deltadata Mandiri Consulting

We guarantee no one-size-fits-all strategy. As a result, we pledge to meet all of your company's requirements for a tailored data integration consultancy solution. The breadth of our data integration experience includes:

Whether you need cloud data integration or on-premise data integration, our professionals are here to help! Our data integration services use up-to-date technologies, techniques, and proven experience. You can analyze all of your data sources, no matter how they are organized, work, or where they are located

Benefits of Our Data Integration Service

With our data integration services, clients can get the most value out of all their corporate data while making their IT efforts easier and cutting costs:

We offer cost-effective information management services and solutions that help our clients improve their operations, cut costs, and use business knowledge more quickly by using coherent, innovative, reliable, and flexible information assets. Deltadata's Mandiri Team will come to your company to look at your organization's maturity and skills in Data Integration and Interoperability. This is what our data integration experts have done. They have designed and implemented data integration solutions for businesses around the world.