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Why We love NetApp? The world today is transformed by digital technology, you can’t move ahead with data in silos anymore. You need fast insights, seamless access, and the peace of mind of knowing your data is protected and within your control.In order to do that, we need data storage management services for hybrid and On-Premise.

NetApp delivers the data management solutions that help you unleash the full potential of your data. Deltadata also believe in NetApp’s cloud strategy with its its Data Fabric-branded series of data services that can be consumed as APIs. You can buy ONTAP Cloud for AWS, and you can buy it for Google-Cloud, or On-Premise , and so you can establish a cluster on one and connect it to a cluster on a different ones and let ONTAP snap among the three. NetApp also provide open-source plugins for dynamic persistent volume for Kubernetes where the devops platform enabler like Deltadata can integrate the plugins into the devops platform.


Deltadata is a Platinum Partner

NetApp Unified Partner is one of the best but one of the " hardest to achieve" channel program in IT industry.. Dedicated engineers  are needed, scalable knowledge and certification for sales, pre-sales and engineers are mandatory. Yearly target revenue measurements, mandatory compliance and regular audit are performed periodically to guarantee the quality of partnerships.There are only 2-3 partners per country  bear the platinum status. Deltadata is one of few NetApp platinum partner in Indonesia.We support end user-customers as well cloud providers and local resellers who need our specific expertises, experiences, and quality.

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Deltadata is ISC

Majority of NetApp partners are resellers and not official Implementor Service Certified (ISC). ISC requires expertise engineer and dedicated team for can fulfill the requirements periodically ISC compliant audits are carried out. Deltadata is ISC NetApp in Indonesia which is officially authorized to provide services with or without NetApp help

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Deltadata, 1ST NetApp CI Certified in the world.

Converged Infrastructure (CI) is a convergence of compute, storage, and networking infrastructure in the data center. The deployment of data center infrastructure as a complete system can simplify and accelerate the deployment of resources. Converged infrastructure also provides a platform for repeatable, modular deployment of data center resources for rapid scale and more consistent performance. This is especially desirable in virtualized environments and agile DevOps , all requiring standardized foundations for virtual resources.

Deltadata is official NetApp Converged Infrastructure partner. Focussing on the next generation cloud-native technology like hyperconverged

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Analyst Recognition

At the end of 2017, Deltadata was recognised by large independent IT magazine based in California as few partner  who can do deliver impact architecting NetApp's Next Generation Enterprise Solution. This award is obtained through independent assessment by global and famous third party enterprise IT magazine.

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Skills in Dev & Ops, Application, And Automation

Continuous delivery process in the container world is complex, time-consuming and laborious as it involves manually writing scripts, docker files etc to generate the docker images with appropriate config and environment information. Also, when deploying to a container runtime as kubernetes, the corresponding deployment script YAML File needs to be created and supplied along with the Images.It's easy to lose time working on your Kubernetes cluster instead of working with the applications running inside of it. With DeltaDevOps, you immediately realize the benefits of Kubernetes as you deploy services without writing YAMLmanifests. You can quickly launch applications, wire them together, and make them available for your users. Even ifyou're new to Kubernetes..

Deltadata develops open-source DevOps platform and seemlessly integrate Trident, NetApp plugins for persistent volume in Kubernetes

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