Enterprise Integration brings in a feature of single access

Strategic business outcomes, technology optimization and ongoing organization enablement are key drivers of Deltadata's Big Data And Enterprise Integration services to achieve customer success.

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DeltaApp Big Data And Enterprise Integration Services

DeltaApp Enterprise Integration Services

Information sharing is an important asset to every business organization. Each suitableinformation, if conveyed correctly to the employees can do wonders in ways no one wouldhave thought off. The flow of any information be it of any complexity can be simplified to the largest extent. With the help of Enterprise Applications, any data can be flown smoothlythrough various software and users who are in need of that information.

DeltaApp enterprise integration experts help clients drive business and technical results from their IT stacks. When it comes to making an organization a more connected, and as a result more efficient, one.

We first start with aligning with clients on their desired business outcomes and KPIs, establishing an agreed upon reference architecture and roadmap for implementation. From there we work together to prioritize and execute integration projects, further building out to accommodate scaling needs for the enterprise.

Finally we can assist with measuring, monitoring and managing the integrated assets assuring performance, providing support and exploring options for further optimizations to achieve maximum efficiencies, data flows and overall enterprise connectivity  regardless if it's located in the cloud, on premise or a hybrid of both.

Leveraging Enterprise Integration with our Big Data and Outsourcing Option

The Advantages of Outsourcing Big Data And Enterprise Integration

  • Cost Control and Reduction

    Rather than fixed expenses, your overall costs are reduced. Researching solutions, implementation, maintenance occur as needed, allowing you to budget accordingly.
  • Certification, Qualification, Expertise

    Specialists are trained for a reason - not all IT problems are the same. With outsourcing your IT needs to a firm with hundreds of specialists on staff, all your issues receive impeccable insight, overview and attention to detail.
  • Rapid, New Technology Implementation

    An IT firm has its sights set on emerging technologies and trends. It understands how to transition from outdated infrastructure to more current systems. And it does this on its own, providing you with the latest tech at no additional costs.
  • Renewed Focus on Core Business

    You may not be in the business of information technology, and becoming an expert in that area should not be an inevitable cost for you to bear. Focus on your core business, and do what you do best, leaving the mundane IT needs of your company to professionals.
  • Risk Reduction, Compliance and Security

    Internet security, laws pertaining to accessing information, and information storage, are just a few issues that arise in the tech world. Laws are barely keeping pace with how quickly technology evolves, and as a result,always changing. Don’t put yourself at risk - for security breaches or violations. IT firms make it their business to keep up-to-date with the latest legal IT frameworks.
  • A Level Playing Field

    Solving IT solutions should not hamstring your ability compete against the major players in your industry.Especially when major players are also using remote IT services to remain competitive.

Open Big Data Solution

Everyone should be able to use big data platform for free with unlimited users, pageviews, charts, or dashboards in any application for personal, commercial or otherwise. That's information technology supposed to be, open and enabling local talents.

Users expect increasingly sophisticated analytics and reporting as part of any application.Whether you are building a SaaS CRM application, an online video site or a blogging site, your users expect to easily look up how many leads a given salesperson closed, how many views their uploads received over time, or what your top referrers are.Historically, to provide your users with the analytics, you could either build out a custom analytics feature set in your application itself, or use complicated and expensive business intelligence applications. DeltaApp uses default Metabase open platform as a simple, fast way to power your in-application analytics. If you already use Metabase for internally-facing analytics (and you should!), you can quickly reuse reports and dashboards and present them in your application. If you don’t use Metabase, you can easily and quickly create embeddable charts
using our graphical interface or by writing SQL queries.

By using DeltaApp Metabase dashboards for internal and embedding use, it’s quick and easy to compare definitions, filters, etc. to double check that your internal and externally displayed numbers are consistent. Additionally, by reusing Metrics and Segments defined in Metabase, you preemptively avoid these problems of inconsistent numbers appearing in internal dashboards and your application. Anyone can use our embedded features for free with unlimited users, pageviews, charts, or dashboards in any application personal, commercial or otherwise. That's what we believe in digital transformation, open platform and let local country talents develop for local clients.


IT is becoming a broad, complex industry with many different areas that require specialization. Enterprise Integration, Big Data, And Outsource to the right local partners for your digital transformation success.

It is challenging for an average IT employee to know how to tackle every problem a typical business faces. Oftentimes, IT specialists are required for specific instances, rather than day-to-day maintenance. Businesses will find them selves spending more on ineffective IT staffs, or overall unproductive IT staffs. This is not a criticism of IT experts that have a role at businesses, but only the reality of IT needs today.
Businesses thrive when they can access of a host of experts and a broad level of expertise at any point in time.While costs initially may seem problematic, the month to month savings will only demonstrate that out sourcing enterprise architecture, big data to the right local partner. Outsource your enterprise integration and big data requirements to Deltadata.