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The world has never seen Hyper Converged Infrastructure like this. Ready to deploy in Indonesia by the first NetApp CI in the world!

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Command Your Hybrid Multi-Cloud And On-Prem Experience

Majority Datacenter experts are finding that the levels of scale, simplicity, and agility needed to support complex digital transformation initiatives simply cannot be achieved using the long-standing practice of buying individually managed silos of datacenter resources, or just following the “check box” next to things like application programming interfaces. As a result, IT organizations around the world are shifting their resources away from standalone servers, networking, and traditional SAN network storage systems in favor of converged infrastructure solutions that can be centrally managed with tools that offer new levels of automation. Benefits of NetApp Hyperconverged include:

Predictability. One of the biggest challenges in any data center is delivering predictable results, especially in the face of proliferating applications and workloads. Any time you have multiple applications sharing the same infrastructure, it’s possible for one application to interfere with the performance of another. NetApp HCI solves predictability challenges with industry-leading performance capabilities that allow the granular control of every application. NetApp HCI’s performance settings eliminate resource contention and variable application performance.

The relentless pace of business change means you need maximum flexibility to adapt to any workload while using existing investments. NetApp HCI offers a highly configurable design that enables cloud-native application development and agile operations for virtualized environments. Innovate and deliver applications faster on a platform designed for the applications of today and tomorrow.

A common goal of IT organizations is to automate all routine tasks, eliminating the risk of user errors associated with manual operations. NetApp HCI streamlines installation so that it takes minutes instead of hours, and simple, centralized management on leading hypervisor platform, or DeltaDevOps, 1-click container delivery lets you control NetApp HCI through tools you already use. NetApp HCI thus allows you to focus valuable resources on higher priorities that drive business growth.


Why NetApp HCI

There are many HCI vendors in the market. There are reasons why customers should consider NetApp HCI in every HCI plan.

Provide a Common Data Fabric for Private & Public Clouds. IDC believes hyperconverged solutions have become an ideal platform for on-premises, private cloud deployments thanks to their scale-out, software-defined, highly automated architecture. But it’s important to recognize that the role of customers’ cloud-based IT solutions is to ingest, deliver, and exploit data no matter where that data is created or lives. Thus, a truly optimized hyperconverged-based private cloud should be considered a component of a broader, hybrid public/private cloud ecosystem that provides a “lingua franca” (or data fabric) that supports common data services for efficient placement, movement, and use of data across a true multi cloud e. Such a data fabric allows IT departments to incorporate newly deployed HCI solutions in their datacenters without creating additional management silos.

Enable Organizational Transformation. IDC notes that modern hyperconverged solutions are also increasingly looked upon to support organizational transformation within the datacenter. Therefore, modern HCI solutions must support consolidation of datacenter jobs/roles so that one administrator can take on the responsibility for virtualization, compute and storage. This consolidation of roles will help to free up time within the IT team for more innovative projects and ultimately help shift human capital to other critical parts of the datacenter that drive innovative, new revenue streams, and customer touchpoints rather than just maintaining status quo.

Scale Resources Independently. Many HCI solutions scale by requiring an additional node that would increase compute and storage resources together. This is commonly referred to as linear scaling. The problem with this is: No datacenter grows in a linear way across all the pools. There are times when there is need for additional compute or additional capacity, but not both. To address these increasingly diverse needs, HCI solutions must evolve into a more elastic solution that grows with business requirements, not simply with IT vendor configuration requirements. If an environment becomes “storage intensive” or “compute intensive,” the infrastructure must be able to support this without stranding resources or requiring users to add a full node with more compute or capacity than is required.

For more information please download 10 reason why NetApp HCI in Bahasa Indonesia.

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Take the Pain Out of Deploying Agile Infrastructure

NetApp has refined all installation and management processes, making NetApp HCI easy to set up and configure. You won’t need a team of IT experts to deploy. NetApp HCI support dynamic provisioning for persistent voilume in kubernetes environment. If you have worry on storage for DevOps and have the following questions:
How do infrastructure teams configure container systems with storage volumes?
How does the infrastructure team control the volume used by what application?
How is the storage volume reclaimed when an application no longer needs it?
Is it not difficult to match volume demand that is persistent with volume available on the condition of having the right disk capacity and characteristics?
How many steps should the developer follow to make volume requests persistent?
How long do developers have to wait for volume requests to be fulfilled?

If you have these questions on your devops plan, NetApp HCI, with DeltaDevOps are the answer.


Why NetApp HCI with DeltaInfra?

There are hundreds of paper-fulfillment company in Indonesia. DeltaInfra, a business unit of Deltadata is different. We have expertise in place in hyperconverged and other necessary supporting expertise to make sure your HCI deployment is succesful. The expertise required for this solution is more than just SAN storage and Virtualization but also multi-cloud, networking, and DevOps. Deltadata was the pioneer of Hyperconverged and other IT webscale solution In Indonesia since 2014 , hundreds of nodes have been deployed since then. That allows us to learn from mistakes of any new technologies, implement best practices, better preparation and assessment, at the end delivering value more than just paper-fulfilling companies. Furthermore, Deltadata is the first NetApp Converged Infrastructure(CI) certified partner in the world in 2018, that proved the fact that hyperconverged is more than just a product but a solution that requires multiple but specific expertises.

NetApp Deltadata Collaboration

Take simple to a whole new level

Take the burden off your busy IT staff. Let Deltadata And NetApp services, efficiently install, configure, integrate, and manage your devops and agile Infrastructure solution.


Primary Use Cases


Hybrid Cloud

Accelerate delivery of your private cloud services with an enterprise-scale hyperconverged infrastructure


End-User Computing

Realize your vision. Accelerate deployment. Deliver an optimum user experience with NetApp HCI and VMware Horizon.


Workload Consolidation

Eliminate silo’s with a hyperconverged infrastructure that lets you predictably run multiple applications

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Learn about DeltaInfra. What we can offer, what other solution related to hyperconverged.

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