On-Premise IT Webscale Infrastructure

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Next Generation IT Webscale Infrastructure Partner WITH THE RIGHT

Hyperconverged And Virtualization
Certified consultants and engineers for your V-Agnostic server virtualization, compute, network and data services needs.
Data Storage Management
Gain Insight, Access, Control, your Data with help from DeltaInfra for your enteprise data service and networked storage needs
DevSecOps Agile Infrastructure
Transform your legacy application to container, transform your infrastructure from VM centric to DevOps centric. Together go through VMs to containers transition journey.

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Delivering Agile Infrastructure Through the right transition

Everybody is talking about agile infrastructure and push clients to buy more. We have different approach. We help our client together go to transition journey to agile infrastructure. Starting from transforming VM to container, migrate less critical application and infrastructure to cloud, providing capabilities of On-Premise and cloud together. For DevOps solution, we created open-source DevOps platform to help our client simplify containerization process and help our clients design, operate and monitor Kubernetes clusters.

Focus Only What We Know Best

Our technical engineers are not only VCP certified, but also experienced in other hypervisors large deployments. We were born to help you taking care of virtualization iceberg risks in your organization. We carefully size the Compute, Memory, to vCPU ratios as well as quality of service of each VM workload to make sure performance balance. We are also the  service provider of Layer-3 Next generation web-scale switches to compliment our services in this area. Last but most importantly, Entereprise storage and data services. Starting from storage to storage replication, SRM, disk-to-disk back up and recovery solution. These the only thing we do best. We do believe with lesser solution we come up with better focus, knowledge, and services.
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Not A Paper Fulfillment Company
Since we were born we were focus on people, knowledge and certification. That's the reason we do not carry many brands as we want to be boutique rather than supermarket, with that we can provide better quality service to our client.
Analyst and vendor recognition
Recognition is not something to make us proud, but as one of the validation for our potential clients to choose the right partners among thousands of paper company especially in emerging country. The first ISC in the world, the platinum status, the top 20 promising enteprise integrator company are few of many recognitions from vendors and third party analyst and magazines that has big reputation and integrity.
Pioneer in Next Generation Infrastructure
We provide hyperconverged and horizontal-scale infrastructure for modern data centre since 2014 In Indonesia. We had mission to bring the latest technology, open platform at affordable price. With years of tenure in new technology, we made the most mistakes in trial, research, deploy and adjusting the new technology and platform. With that we came up with knowledge and capabilities more than any other company relying 100% on vendor with limited vendor resources. We are smarter and more capabilities from our mistakes in new technology since we were born. Nothing in new technology is perfect, let the risk be on us not on our client's environment.
Happy Employees, Happy Customer
Deltadata is from employee to employees. We are not a company funded by big investor and we do not want to be. We are inspired with citizen businessmen where each of manager in our organization is the owner and each employee are the shareholder. With this approach we created high sense of belonging among our employees as they are happy and motivated. Before the technology, people come first. Happy employee eventually create happy customers.
Official service and implementor partner
We prefer certifying our engineer first before being a partner or before offering to clients. We believe in local knowledge transfer, we believe in expertise and certification as a foundation to do business right in the industry.
Compliance, Integrity And Honor of Doing Business
Our culture of compliance, integrity and honor not only on paper but also in system. We build applications to make sure our employees share the same culture of honor and integrity. Our employee follow standardize code of conduct and ethics of doing business since the first day hired, when dealing with opportunities and partners, when completing orders, all the way to transcation and payment following the rule of transparancy and auditability. We are not the best but we try very hard and invest to be able to do business right. We did it because we love our employees, vendors and clients.