About Deltadata

We were born as next generation IT partner focusing on Rapid Application Development to create Web and native mobbile application FAST to help our clients embracing digital transformation era. We also provide next generation Infrastructure solution focus on IT webscale and V-Agnostic virtualization solution . We were born as next generation IT partners with experienced and certified engineers to help you go through the journey of next generation IT. Our experiences in deploying hundreds VMs in multihypervisors environment , hundreds node of Hyperconverged in multiple workload and environment confirm our existance as next generation IT partner ready to help our clients

We understand the IT is evolving..

We understand the evolution of IT is happening, in 2014 we were born as next generation IT partner with the mission to bring all solution related to next generation data centre

We are thinking digital transformation start from building application

However, building App takes so long , In House developer focus on fixing and rebuilding code rather than build new apps, digital transformation is a hard and long journey for most of the organization

At Infrastructure Layer, The challenges take place..

It is not easy for Infrastructure team too, like the iceberg, the application user only see from the peak, where the infrastructure has alot of problems to be solved. We come up with ideas, solution, people, and technology to address these infrastructure challenges

Our Philosophy

Service Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten. We passionately believe that IT company today in Indonesia  can only survive through FOCUS, EXPERTISEand by keep improving QUALITY OF SERVICE“

Steven Law

CEO and Founder Deltadata Mandiri


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