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Why the publish price in USD Currency
As we utilize the best talents accross the world and Jakarta we need to publish price in USD and you will get the quotation in your national currency
If We have digital transformation initiative how we calculate?
please select how many days required to hire our best talents. Our sales rep will help you estimate how many days required
Is the price fixed?
We put our best effort to facilitate digital transformation FAST. In order to do that, company invested in dozens of platforms to support collaborative following the sun methodology from our talents across the world. However, if price is the concern, you may contact our sales rep for special bundling price.
Is the price include the low code platforms
No. The price is mandays of our talents only. However we have option for low code open platform where we usually do not charge the platform cost to our clients. Some of our solution is based on open platform where we do have investment already and be part of our infrastructure services to our clients
Why UI/UX is required when we hire developers already
UI/UX is the face of your digital transformation.We take it seriously and we do not let regular frontend developer do the UI/UX design. We have dedicated UI/UX designer with design escalation process, modern platform and of course talents
Why BPM and integration not part of developers?
BPM requires specific expertise and certification. Our BPM and integration talents come with deep knowledge of industry best-practices. This is out of scope for regular coding developers.

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