About Qalcwise

Qalcwise is No Code platform designed for business user or  Non-programmers to create application fast.No-code platforms focus on non-technical business users also called „citizen developers”.Those who never write or directly work with code, but own the business knowledge of their respective domains. Business users are the closest to the business needs and problems business encounters. It is them whose creative ideas drive innovation in their organizations.Because of lack of programming skills however, they are forced to rely on IT or systems consultants. This is where Qalcwise comes to the rescue allowing easy and blazingly fast creation of advanced business applications. Qalcwise fulfils the promise of no-code. Qalcwise allows building advanced business with use of spreadsheet formulas in a modern technical platform


The perfect solution for spreadsheet business users to create application fast

With Calqwise, business user( Non-programmers) can create web application  in days by integrating spreadsheer knowledge, businessflow, and widget using the platform.

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