Interact Live from Erideon is a beautifully simple way to collaborate, coordinate and captivate. With a completely push based approach to managing tasks, you can turn your attention to important things until Interact alerts you to an activity or decision needing response. Configurable dashboards make sure you always have the information you need to make better and more informed decisions. And with Interact Live Reporting tools, you can combine past actions with new information to form predictive analytics and forecasts, helping you anticipate outcomes before they happen. The power of Interact allows you to start activities concurrently, pause and switch tasks, rewind or redo. Giving you the flexibility and freedom to control how your tasks are completed.With mobile platform compatibility, Interact Live lets you work on phones, tablets and touch devices. Offline capabilities give you the freedom to disconnect. Complete forms, finish tasks and manage change without connection,then email or upload your work next time you are online. You can even request information or provide instructions without always-on access. Need to collaborate? Seamlessly share your work, create functional teams or simply delegate a task to a colleague. For a wider reach, Interact lets you integrate with social media or your communication channels.Security is always paramount. Robust and secure user management in Interact Live comes with granular permissions architecture,giving you complete control over the do’s and don’ts of every single user. Detailed auditing and sophisticated change control ensures full accountability and trace of every action, right at your fingertips.

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