About NetApp HCI

Enterprise-Scale Hyperconverged Infrastructure.Make NetApp® HCI the cornerstone of your private cloud strategy with a hyper converged solution capable of transforming and empowering your organization so you can move faster, drive operational efficiency, and reduce costs. Easily run multiple applications with the predictable performance that your enterprise and customers demand. Scale compute and storage resources independently so you never use more than you need. And deploy in minutes with a turnkey cloud infrastructure that eliminates the complex management of traditional three-tier architectures. Integration into the NetApp Data Fabric means that you can unleash the full power of your applications, with the data services they require, across any infrastructure or cloud. Break free from the limits of today’s infrastructure solutions that are complex, can’t consolidate all your workloads, force you to scale in ways that strand resources, and throttle the performance required by next-generation applications. Realize the true promise of an enterprise-scale hyper converged cloud infrastructure solution with NetApp HCI

One of the most effective ways for enterprise customers to take advantage of the NetApp HCI performance guarantees is by consolidating all their applications, including ones that previously required separate silos. In NetApp HCI, each volume is configured with minimum, maximum, and burst IOPS values. The minimum IOPS setting provides a guarantee for performance, independent of what other applications on the system are doing. The maximum and burst values control allocation, enabling the system to deliver consistent performance to all workloads


The Perfect Solution for NetApp HCI

Consolidate Server,Storage or private/hybrid cloud deployment,consolidating all applications with feature to guarantee performance per application or datastore.

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