Developing Application FAST With DeltaApp Low Code Platform

About Rapid Application Development (RAD)

Rapid ApplicationDevelopment answer thequestion of how to do more with less in applicationdevelopment

Rapid application development is a form of Agile software development methodology. The development usually use Low Code Platform combined with agile scrum project management. Unlike Waterfall methods, RAD emphasizes working software and user feedback over strict planning and requirements recording.In other words, RAD is less talk, more action. While RAD DE-emphasizes strict planning, there are still a handful of steps or phases each development project goes through then using the rapid application development methodology
Effective and faster Application Development and Delivery (AD&D) has been a very tricky problem to solve for organizations. The reason is that traditional way of app development and delivery has not been able to keep up with the needs of the new age customer. In today’s digital world, application delivery has to take the center stage as the speed in developing and delivering applications is becoming essential to business success. Moreover, in the age of the customer, the demands on modern applications are unprecedented. Modern applications need to be customer focused, multi channel, engaging,interconnected and secure. In addition,all of these demands have to be delivered in a short time. How Rapid application development answer the question can redo more with less in application development.

Majority of unsatisfactory result starting from Focus on technology and architecture and not business problem


Obstacles to effective application delivery

Demand exceeds capacity CIOs are under pressure.

Demanding business  be handled by the limited staff strength. There is a tremendous pressure to take care of the budget for obtaining more resources.

Shortage of skilled resources .

While unavailability of enough resources is one end of the problem, the other  even worse. There is a shortage of skilled resources. Skilled resources come with a premium rate tag and is subjected to constrained budget.

Complexity of platforms.

Big organizations have a problem of many platforms. Most of the time, usage of departmental software is outside of the purview of IT and a lot of times different platforms gets accumulated over the period of years, even if they are not used currently.
The legacy baggage.

CIOs unequivocally agree on this point.Every organization spends significant time and resources to maintain misapplication based on legacy technologies. Moreover, getting an application built on data from a gamut of these legacy technologies, contributes to further delays in app delivery.

Human intervention in software development.

Traditional development using Java and.NET are not the best choices anymore.Even with the best resources, there is always the question of future proofing your application to scalability, security,performance and other such factors. As long as there is a dependency on people to create software for a particular business goal, there is always a question the best practices and future-proof solution.

Why DeltaApp?

Save time, effort, cost with DeltaApp Low Code Platform And Agile project Management

Deliver application faster with less resources using open source platform means efficiency. This is the biggest value of Delta App that competitors do not have.
Option for commercial licensing and host With Delta App, customer can choose to build on cloud, deploy on cloud, built on cloud deploy on-prem with container based application delivery. For licensing, customer can choose subscription, monthly subscription or even perpetual like conventional development, the only different is speed!.
Variety of Gartner Leading Low-code Platform and Open-Source Low Code Platform Delta App does Rapid Application Development with certified developers in multiple platform. We are also able to develop open-source low code platform auto generates code based on open standards. It allows the code to be exported out of the platform any time and any number of times. It does not license its run time libraries, so that you can deploy into any run time platform, not just specific vendor’s run time platform.
Certified Developers in Multiple Low Code Platforms Delta App has certified developers in four-leading low code platform. That allows customer to choose the platform based on customer’s need. We are not vendor and we will not be. We do have certified expertise in place to help you develop application FAST.

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