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Turn your on premise cloud infra  into a business accelerator

Design Services

Strategy and Design Services for Data Protection in On Premise cloud. We carefully gain insight into the effectiveness of data protection processes, We will perform deep analysis of business and operational risks , Then, We design data protection solution for your Infra

Storage Deployment

We Prepare the way for a streamlined transition, We will Identify requirements and verify site readiness, We then, create
design based on assessment, We will bring the data protection platform online, optimize system and health efficiency, and provide
implementation documentation, and finally share
best practices

Operations and Support Services

proactive, personalized, designated expertise, manage
incidents and escalations,mitigate
risk through proactive services and advices, we offer 24/7 access to dedicated technical experts to support  data protection platforms , We provide
incident management with rapid resolution focus

Performance Consulting

We Perform
in-depth, real-time data analysis of storage environment, i dentify
root cause of storage inefficiencies and vulnerabilities. We Create
Performance Assessment and Recommendations Report
We Present
our recommendations to your IT management team
We Present
executive summary to help your team understand how storage performance issues
affect the business

Migration Services

We Prepare the way for a streamlined migration transition, We will Identify requirements and verify site readiness, We then, create migration scenario based on assessment

Resident Engineer

Dedicated Storage
administrator outsourcing on your premise that keeps your data centre operations running smoothly. We will give you dedicated Storage management engineer fine tunes the efficiency of your data centre operations

Experienced & Friendly
Storage Engineers

We provide all kind of Storage services with quality.
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  • Experienced

  • Certified

  • Authorised Implementor

We are not company with storage engineers, we are certified and experienced data storage management provider

We not only knowing storage SAN/NAS nut also back up and recovery, Disk2Disk back up, disaster recovery, object storage, V-Agnostic virtualization, data cloning, mirroring, site recovery management, etc