Enterprise Integration brings in afeature of single access

Today's world is full of high tech technologies and many of the small scale and large ones are getting benefits from it. The Enterprises of today are moving at a relentless pace with technology playing a vital part.

DeltaApp Enterprise Integration Services

DeltaApp Enterprise Integration Services

Information sharing is an important asset to every business organization. Each suitableinformation, if conveyed correctly to the employees can do wonders in ways no one wouldhave thought off. The flow of any information be it of any complexity can be simplified tothe largest extent. With the help of Enterprise Applications, any data can be flown smoothlythrough various software and users who are in need of that information.

IBA Integrated Business Architects

The Advantages of Outsourcing IT Services

  • Cost Control and Reduction

    Rather than fixed expenses, your overall costs are reduced. Researching solutions, implementation, maintenance occur as needed, allowing you to budget accordingly.
  • Certification, Qualification, Expertise

    Specialists are trained for a reason - not all IT problems are the same. With outsourcing your IT needs to a firm with hundreds of specialists on staff, all your issues receive impeccable insight, overview and attention to detail.
  • Rapid, New Technology Implementation

    An IT firm has its sights set on emerging technologies and trends. It understands how to transition from outdated infrastructure to more current systems. And it does this on its own, providing you with the latest tech at no additional costs.
  • Renewed Focus on Core Business

    You may not be in the business of information technology, and becoming an expert in that area should not be an inevitable cost for you to bear. Focus on your core business, and do what you do best, leaving the mundane IT needs of your company to professionals.
  • Risk Reduction, Compliance and Security

    Internet security, laws pertaining to accessing information, and information storage, are just a few issues that arise in the tech world. Laws are barely keeping pace with how quickly technology evolves, and as a result,always changing. Don’t put yourself at risk - for security breaches or violations. IT firms make it their business to keep up-to-date with the latest legal IT frameworks.
  • A Level Playing Field

    Solving IT solutions should not hamstring your ability compete against the major players in your industry.Especially when major players are also using remote IT services to remain competitive.

The Advantages of Outsourcing IT Services

In 2019, we conducted a survey of 1000 SMEs to understand how they manage their internalIT needs. We found that:


of SMEs currently outsource their IT needs


of SMEs do not currently out source their IT needs


that do, did not out source their IT needs the previous year


of those that don’t,are in favor of it and are considering their options

A Stats Catcher study reveals that the out sourced IT industry is
growing by an average of 12% each year


decrease in expenses for IT firms each year


of IT specialist graduates find work in an IT firm with in one year of graduating.


IT is becoming a broad, complex industry with many different areas that require specialization.
It is challenging for an average IT employee to know how to tackle every problem a typical business faces. Oftentimes, IT specialists are required for specific instances, rather than day-to-day maintenance. Businesses will find them selves spending more on ineffective IT staffs, or overall unproductive IT staffs.This is not a criticism of IT experts that have a role at businesses, but only the reality of IT needs today.Businesses thrive when they can access of a host of experts and a broad level of expertise at any point in time.While costs initially may seem problematic, the month to month savings will only demonstrate that out sourcing IT needs makes complete business sense.To keep a competitive edge, effectively run a business, and provide excellent service to your clients, leaving your IT needs to the experts is a step in the right direction.