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Deltadata Mandiri

Deltadata is the fastest enterprise digital transformation implementation partner, consulting, and service company that provides effective digital transformation leveraging latest advanced technologies and extraordinary talents to help client enabling digital transformation FAST

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Delta Data Mandiri

What we do

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

The integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, from rapid application development, automation and integration that will fundamentally changing how IT will operate and deliver real business value to organization. We continually challenge the status quo,  starting from how fast, how secure, how good, and how to do more with less

Next-Generation Infra

The cloud is the natural home for today's infrastructure either public, private or hybrid.  Utility-based model that is well suited to today's need . Starting from V-Agnostic Virtualization, Dev&Ops, CI/CD to hyperconverged infrastructure object storage model , and other data storage management, DeltaInfra is here to help for a successful cloud journey


The classical core of the consulting skill set. Typically a consultant has a core of expertise combined with latest technology with solution for client not solution for certain vendor. It is too good to be true currently.. With Deltadata consulting, we have skill set, we have latest technology, we are vendor neutral that always have more than one platform to do business and recommend
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#1 Next Generation System Integrator for Application, Automation, and Infrastructure that will help your digital Transformation FAST

Low Code Platform Implementor

#1 Vendor Neutral Low Code Platform Implementor

Building application in low-code platform for enterprise is our passion. We like building apps not codes. We certify our developers on leading low code platforms, we do not limit choices from clients. We let the customer choose the platform based on their needs and preferences, and we build for them super FAST
Vendor Neutral Robotic Process

#1 Vendor Neutral Robotic Process Automation And Integration

Chatbot And Robotic Process Automation are everywhere, We are NOT only vendor neutral but we have our own chatbot platform, we build our own OCR and data parsing product to help customer with automation not only selling RPA or chatbot. We understand customer do not need RPA, or chatbot, or OCR alone, customer need automation solution.
Multi Platform Implementor

#1 Multi Platform Hyperconverged And V-Agnostic Hypervisor Implementor

As the pioneer of hyperconverged in Indonesia, we understand solution more than just vendors. We installed hundreds of hyperconverged nodes, we installed different hypervisors in different mission critical environment and workloads. We learnt alot as pioneer and we share our knowledge in every installation we have. That set us apart from hyperconverged and VM common resellers.
container based application delivery

#1 Indonesia product for container based application delivery (CI/CD)

Use DeltaDevOps to standardize your container based app delivery. Let your team focus on applications while the platform handles the complexities of delivering them to Kubernetes. We also have docker, rancher and Kubernetes experts to help you modernized your IT Infrastructure. While others resell global product locally, we build local product to sell globally.

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DeltaApp, The new benchmark for Application development company

How fast the time market application? how long for change request due to business change? how many backlogs? how fast shifting to mobile platform? how to locating and rationalizing organization data from various sub-systems of Enterprise Application? how about vendor lock-in scenario and licensing cost increase? if you feel these are the issue, DeltaApp is the answer. We are ready to help.

DeltaInfra, Embrace the knowledge of IT Webscale generation

Generation is changing. IT Infrastructure is changing. From mainframe to open systems, from virtualization to containers. Your IT business partner and vendors keep offering you to buy more products that do not solve the issue of next generation infrastructure journey such as virtualization iceberg issues from different components like server, network and storage. Performance management in virtual workload, How to enable DevOps for better application delivery, how to manage and handles the complexities of managing Kubernetes . If these are relevant questions to you, DeltaInfra is the answer.
Rating Stars

Happy and positive people create happy customers

Dewangga Respati
I am truly honered to be part Deltadata. With my skill, knowledge and positive attitude I can be part of this agile SDLC company.
David Sugandi
Ai Wen
The team work, the passion, the technology that set us apart from competition, our customers like us  , we do everything FAST, GOOD, and AFFORDABLE. I learnt lot in positive environment with smart people. I started this company 5 years ago, and Now I am still very proud of this company.
Ai Wen
Selly Puspita
Learning development, positive arguments, what we can do differently, how can we serve our customer better not only from relationship point of view, are something we asked each other in every meeting. We grow in positive pain to be a better person, we grow as company as well. I love this company. I am part of owner of the company too.
Selly Puspita
Wahyu Kahfi Anwar
We were transforming from VM-based engineers to container based super FAST. I like the pace and team work in this company.
Wahyu Kahfi Anwar
Andresta Setiawan
UI/UX is the face of your organization. I am honored to lead UI/UX team at Deltadata
Andre Ramadhan
I am proud to be part of milennial wonder woman low code developer team at Deltadata

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