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Our Mission

Enabling digital transformation FAST throughthe latest technology, people, and leadership.

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Delta Data Mandiri
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Deltadata Mandiri

Deltadata is the fastest enterprise digital transformation implementation partner, consulting, and service company that provides effective digital transformation leveraging latest advanced technologies and extraordinary talents to help client enabling digital transformation FAST

Why DeltadataWatch Video
Delta Data Mandiri

Do More With Less

Digital Transformation

  30++ Enterprise clients

The integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, from rapid application development, automation and integration that will fundamentally changing how IT will operate and deliver real business value to organization. We continually challenge the status quo,  starting from how fast, how secure, how good, and how to do more with less

Delivered more than 50++ Projects

The cloud is the natural home for today's infrastructure either public, private or hybrid.  Utility-based model that is well suited to today's need . Starting from V-Agnostic Virtualization, Dev&Ops, CI/CD to hyperconverged infrastructure object storage model , and other data storage management, DeltaInfra is here to help for a successful cloud journey

 Global Recognition from Industry Leaders

The classical core of the consulting skill set. Typically a consultant has a core of expertise combined with latest technology with solution for client not solution for certain vendor. It is too good to be true currently.. With Deltadata consulting, we have skill set, we have latest technology, we are vendor neutral that always have more than one platform to do business and recommend

Who We Are

Deltadata Mandiri is a Jakarta-based company with global reach founded by Steven Law in 2014 to enable digital transformation fast. We have constantly proved our relevance in the industry by offering our clients one-stop solutions and services to help them transform their businesses processes easily, cost-effectively, and efficiently.
We realize that many digital transformation companies make the process long and drawn out because they do not have the right people, processes, and technology. This is why we promise to make digital transformation fast for our clients, whatever their needs.

From rapid application development, data integration, BPMN 2.0 to microservices, Deltadata has the right engineering capabilities to build the technology your organization needs to thrive.

Fortunately, we do not stop at building customized applications for your businesses; we also have several pre-made applications that can make work more efficient for organizations. These include learning management systems, digital asset management platforms, container orchestration platforms, and Sengkuyung, a one-stop application for all your organization's needs.

We have built a UI/UX team that functions as developers, not as designers, a consulting team of business analysts and project managers who understand the intersection between business and technology. This ensures that your organization's digital transformation leverages the latest advanced technologies and extraordinary talents to get built fast.


DeltaData in the Course of Time

●    2014

Deltadata was born

●    2017

We started to focus on low code development, agile scrum project management, and microservices.

●    2018

Our products, Sengkuyung 1.0 and Ciklus (akaDeltaDevOps), were launched.

●    2018 - 2022

We reached and surpassed the 30-client milestone.
Expanding our focus to application, data, and security by partering with Fidelis Cyber security.

container based application delivery
Low Code Platform Implementor
Building application in low-code platform for enterprise is our passion. We like building apps not codes. We certify our developers on leading low code platforms, we do not limit choices from clients. We let the customer choose the platform based on their needs and preferences, and we build for them super FAST
Vendor Neutral Robotic Process
Chatbot And Robotic Process Automation are everywhere, We are NOT only vendor neutral but we have our own chatbot platform, we build our own OCR and data parsing product to help customer with automation not only selling RPA or chatbot. We understand customer do not need RPA, or chatbot, or OCR alone, customer need automation solution.
Multi Platform Implementor

#1 Multi Platform Hyperconverged And V-Agnostic Hypervisor Implementor

As the pioneer of hyperconverged in Indonesia, we understand solution more than just vendors. We installed hundreds of hyperconverged nodes, we installed different hypervisors in different mission critical environment and workloads. We learnt alot as pioneer and we share our knowledge in every installation we have. That set us apart from hyperconverged and VM common resellers.

#1 Indonesia product for container based application delivery (CI/CD)

Use DeltaDevOps to standardize your container based app delivery. Let your team focus on applications while the platform handles the complexities of delivering them to Kubernetes. We also have docker, rancher and Kubernetes experts to help you modernized your IT Infrastructure. While others resell global product locally, we build local product to sell globally.


Providing one-stop software engineering solutions

Rapid Application Development

Build functional products in record time

The app development process has evolved, with rapid application development helping developers break projects into smaller tasks, optimize the application features based on user feedback, change app functionality, etc. With our Rapid Application Development solution, you can iterate your apps quickly and iteratively by prototyping advanced software modularly. You can also reuse the development component, enabling you to create more products faster. Struggling with integration issues becomes a thing of the past as integration begins with the prototype and continues with iterations. With over six years of experience managing agile development for enterprise clients, we have perfected the technology of implementing RAD to build software products and applications.

Data Integration

All your data, in one place

Every day, you generate more data in several formats and store it in several places. For your organization to thrive, there is an increasing need to bring data from disparate sources together in one place. This ensures that all data is more accessible to consume by users and systems.
When you choose the right partner to offer you data integration services, you can save yourself substantial costs and human resources and exponentially improve your data quality. That's where we come in. At Deltadata, our top-notch data integration solutions ensure that you can record increased operational efficiency as it eliminates the need for manual computation and a combination of data sets. It also ensures that you can have better data quality and get more valuable insight from your data sets, all represented in the same place.

BPMN 2.0

Simplify your business processes using auniversally understood language

Business Process Model and Notation 2.0 is an open standard notation system that uses flowcharts to model business processes and facilitate process management, execution, and monitoring. As it is a universally understood language by businesses, we employ BPM 2.0 in software development processes. By modeling the process software, we can foster comprehension across board and give you complete control and visibility instead of fragmented processes and incomplete reporting. Our approach to process business orchestration is to separate the front-end engine, workflow engine, and database engine. With Deltadata BPMN 2.0, you can align your approach to human workflows with your automation strategy, allowing all stakeholders to visualize, control, and analyze mission-critical business processes from start to finish.


Connected applications built faster and at scale

Instead of a cumbersome monolith app development system, we offer you microservice architecture. This ensures that all components of your apps are loosely coupled instead of tightly connected. They are also independently deployable and can be organized around your current business capabilities to scale along with your business. This gives you more flexibility with app developments, higher agility, faster time to market, and more cost-effective operational costs. At Deltadata, we employ microservice architecture to ensure that individual services can be deployed and scaled differently via containers. It also ensures that different teams can work on individual services instead of the monolith architecture where one team is responsible for the whole application. Programming languages can also differ per service along with delivery timelines. Our application of microservices architecture include:
●     fragmenting monolithic applications into individual microservices ●     deploying them via containers to cloud, on-premises, or hybrid infrastructure

System and Solutions

End-to-end DevOps Solutions Provider

End-to-end We have not only recorded success in building applications for global enterprise clients, but we have also built digital products that solve problems. Our solutions range from containerized platform orchestration to learning management. Solutions Provider


One platform, endless solutions

Sengkuyung is a digital experience platform that incorporates a customizable intranet, content management, easy-to-use online form creator, enterprise collaboration, communication, and office productivity available on clients' terms.
Sengkuyung is easily customizable, has six applications, and can support your organization's additional applications. It helps users create applications and use cases without any developer skills.

Sengkuyung Board

With the Sengkuyung Board, your organization can display everything from project management, meeting minutes, agile scrum software development to procurement process on one platform, thereby increasing productivity.

Sengkuyung Content Management

The Sengkuyung Content Management app helps you upload your office document, tag and classify, set permission on your premise, and share easily.

Sengkuyung Digital Signature

With Sengkuyung Digital Signature, you can secure the digital fingerprints of printed documents and connect your documents to their digital original via an inserted QR code in their footer. You can also securely store an encrypted digital copy on a Swiss ISO 27001 certified server.

Sengkuyung Only Office

The Sengkuyung Only Office feature is an Office productivity and collaboration application that integrates office online software anywhere. With it, you can create, edit and upload documents online.

Sengkuyung Online Form Creator

The Sengkuyung Online Form Creator is an easy-to-use online customizable form maker that helps you create your survey form or questionnaire easily.

Sengkuyung Video Conference and Chat

The Sengkuyung Video Conference and Chat features help your team communicate on their terms.


Container orchestration platform with application performance monitoring available on cloud and on-premise

With the number of containerized applications snowballing, losing track of them at scale is easy. This is why be built Ciklusto ensure that you can automate the provisioning, deployment, networking, scaling, availability, and lifecycle management of containers. With our application, you can deliver Kubernetes-as-a-Service to development teams with the push-button deployment of their containerized workloads on-premises, in the cloud, in hybrid deployments, or at the edge. One of the differentiating features of Ciklus is the observability platform that helps you monitor your application, database, and legacy infrastructure. With the Ciklus APM, you can import data from several sources, test the site and monitor its performance. As such, when you have app downtimes, you can get alerted before users begin to experience downtimes. This helps you to mitigate issues before they become challenges for the user.


One-stop solution for learning management

Lektur helps you build up to 10 online and offline learning modules in iOS, Android, and web versions.
With Lektor, administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, automation, and delivery of educational courses, training programs, or learning and development programs becomes easier.

Delta Asset

Neverlose track of an item again with Delta Asset.

Keeping track of your organization's assets is essential. So we built Delta Asset to help you manage your organization's assets, schedule maintenance, and track work orders. The best part of Delta Asset is that it is an easy-to-customize low-code platform. This ensures that your business can use this application easily without encountering any hitches. Delta Asset combines several functions, including asset visibility, workflow visibility, automation, streamlined processes, managing field workforces, and compliance management.


Only about 30% of companies navigate a digital transformation successfully. So let us help you enhance your performance through digital transformation and become part of that 30%.Our approach is to connect your team with the right technology, advice on leadership strategies and human resource optimization. This ensures that technology can solve your business challenges and make your organization more efficient.

We take a five-step approach to digital transformation consulting:

● Identifying the business challenge
● Formulating a digital transformation strategy
● Implementing digital technologies
●Building digital products to solve business challenges, including growth and expansion
●Identifying and outlining necessary changes to people and existing processes to sustain the digital transformation.

We have quickly become the digital transformation consulting partner of numerous global enterprise clients with our connected, hands-on, yet professional approach.

Business Analysis

Our digital transformation consulting services extends to business analysis. Our business analysts at Deltadata have the right combination of technical, communication, and analytical skills to ensure that your business is steered in the right direction.

We are tech experts and transformational thinkers, and trusted advisors for organizations, coming up with strategies to sustainably connect your business to modern technology.

By defining the scope of your projects, we ensure that your digital transformation has little to minimal risk of failure. Armed with insights from market research and customer analysis, along with active communication with developers and the business, our business analysts improve the efficiency of your digital transformation processes.

Project Management

Effective project management is one of the cornerstones that can make or mar digital transformation success for any organization. Our project management approach involves implementing agile values, challenging the status quo while recognizing and respecting legacy processes, creating feedback loops, and actively communicating with all-party.

Rating Stars

Happy and positive people create happy customers

Ai Wen
The team work, the passion, the technology that set us apart from competition, our customers like us  , we do everything FAST, GOOD, and AFFORDABLE. I learnt lot in positive environment with smart people. I started this company 5 years ago, and Now I am still very proud of this company.
Ai Wen
Selly Puspita
Learning development, positive arguments, what we can do differently, how can we serve our customer better not only from relationship point of view, are something we asked each other in every meeting. We grow in positive pain to be a better person, we grow as company as well. I love this company. I am part of owner of the company too.
Selly Puspita
Wahyu Kahfi Anwar
We were transforming from VM-based engineers to container based super FAST. I like the pace and team work in this company.
Wahyu Kahfi Anwar
Andresta Setiawan
UI/UX is the face of your organization. I am honored to lead UI/UX team at Deltadata
Andre Ramadhan
I am proud to be part of milennial wonder woman low code developer team at Deltadata

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