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Top digital transformation by CIO Outlook 2021, 20 Admired company by Globe Business Magazine 2022, Top Business Leader to watch for 2021 by MirrorMagazine and Top Digital Transformation Company By ITWorks Indonesia are some of the prestigious recognition from both international and national scale.

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"Delta data is a pioneer in innovation since 2014 ”
- Global Business Magazine, Atlanta, Georgia
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Sengkuyung is all-in-one online collaboration and office productivity
available on-cloud and/or on-premise.
Actived Users
Boomi has consistently led in the integration and automation software market. With over 20,000 global customers, organizations use Boomi to automate their business through the integration of applications, databases, and APIs to create interconnected business processes.
Over the past five years, Boomi has expanded into API management and data management and is a leading innovator in AI. A 10x leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant, today, Boomi is ranked #1 amongst all vendors for ability to execute.
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For Task, Project And Progress update with simple reporting and dashboard available in web and mobile device. Please learn and find clarity in progress in making a report in the current era. Easy to understand and understand for everyone.
FidelisNetwork® provides Network TrafficAnalysis and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) capabilities that decode and analyze all network traffic using our patented Deep Session Inspection® technology. Fidelis Network sensors protect all ports and protocols in a single box with sensors thatspecialize in prevention of data loss via email and web traffic.
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Learning Management Systems are available for web and mobile for offline and online learning.
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Container Orchestration Customized For Your Unique Needs. CIKLUS is a Simple Container Orchestration Platform
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Deltadata is a pioneer in innovation since 2014 ”
- Global Business Magazine, Atlanta, Georgia
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Providing one-stop software engineering solutions
Rapid Application Development
Build functional products in record time
The app development process has evolved, with rapid application development helping developers break projects into smaller tasks, optimize the application features based on user feedback, change app functionality, etc. With our Rapid Application Development solution, you can iterate your apps quickly and iteratively by prototyping advanced software modularly.

You can also reuse the development component, enabling you to create more products faster. Struggling with integration issues becomes a thing of the past as integration begins with the prototype and continues with iterations.
Data Integration
Simplify your business processes using auniversally understood language
Every day, you generate more data in several formats and store it in several places. For your organization to thrive, there is an increasing need to bring data from disparate sources together in one place.

At Deltadata, our top-notch data integration solutions ensure that you can record increased operational efficiency as it eliminates the need for manual computation and a combination of data sets. It also ensures that you can have better data quality and get more valuable insight from your data sets, all represented in the same place.
BPMN 2.0
Simplify your business processes using auniversally understood language
Business Process Model and Notation 2.0 is an open standard notation system that uses flowcharts to model business processes and facilitate process management, execution, and monitoring. As it is a universally understood language by businesses, we employ BPM 2.0 in software development processes. By modeling the process software, we can foster comprehension across board and give you complete control and visibility instead of fragmented processes and incomplete reporting.
Connected applications built faster and at scale
Instead of a cumbersome monolith app development system, we offer you microservice architecture. This ensures that all components of your apps are loosely coupled instead of tightly connected. They are also independently deployable and can be organized around your current business capabilities to scale along with your business. This gives you more flexibility with app developments, higher agility, faster time to market, and more cost-effective operational costs. At Deltadata, we employ microservice architecture to ensure that individual services can be deployed and scaled differently via containers.
Rapid Application Development
We prefer low-code and micro-servicearchitecture. Only on specific request that weimplement with native framework usingmostly JS framework.
Only about 30% of companies navigate a digital transformation successfully. So let us help you enhance your performance through digital transformation and become part of that 30%.Our approach is to connect your team with the right technology, advice on leadership strategies and human resource optimization. This ensures that technology can solve your business challenges and make your organization more efficient.
Business Analysis
By defining the scope of your projects, we ensure that your digital transformation has little to minimal risk of failure. Armed with insights from market research and customer analysis, along with active communication with developers and the business, our business analysts improve the efficiency of your digital transformation processes.
Project Management
Effective project management is one of the cornerstones that can make or mar digital transformation success for any organization. Our project management approach involves implementing agile values, challenging the status quo while recognizing and respecting legacy processes, creating feedback loops, and actively communicating with all-party.
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