Fidelis Network


FidelisNetwork® provides Network TrafficAnalysis and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) capabilities that decode and analyze all network traffic using our patented Deep Session Inspection® technology. Fidelis Network sensors protect all ports and protocols in a single box with sensors that

specialize in prevention of data loss via email and web traffic. Evidence of all network traffic is stored as rich metadata for use by

automated analytics and human threat hunting. The metadata captured and stored by Fidelis Network goes well beyond Netflow because it includes details of every network transaction down to the names, hashes and properties of every file transferred –including those deeply embedded and obfuscated in archive and document formats. The collected data includes asset identification and classification, risk analysis, and anomaly detection on a variety of user and network behaviors. For more information in Bahasa Indonesia please watch our video :


Fidelis Deception™ significantly reduces dwell time by providing a low-risk, low friction internal alarm system to detect post-breach attacks and malicious insiders. Fidelis Deception and Fidelis Network automatically discover and classify all attached network assets, including enterprise IoT devices, while displaying all services and connectivity of each asset. With this information, Fidelis Deception creates fake assets (decoys) and

uses breadcrumbs as lures on real systems to detect attackers’ actions and lateral movements. High-fidelity alerts come from decoys, breadcrumbs, AD credentials, MITM, and poisoned data with network traffic analysis and telemetry data for investigations. Lastly, Fidelis Deception automatically adapts the deception environment to network changes as they occur to remain synchronized for assets, resources, and services. For more information in Bahasa Indonesia please watch our video :


Fidelis Endpoint provides deep visibility into managed and unmanaged endpoint activity on the network. It delivers enhanced prevention, effective detection, vulnerability analysis, and automated response, enabling security analysts to remediate threats faster and more effectively. Fidelis allows you to see all endpoint activity across Windows, Mac, and Linux systems, gaining unmatched insight through the collection of all installed software, executable files, and scripts. For more information in Bahasa Indonesia please watch our video :