Sengkuyung is all-in-one online collaboration and office productivity available on-cloud and/or on-premise. Sengkuyung collaboration uses modern kanban system for multiple use cases  inclusive project management, collaboration, minutes of meeting, and dozen of other use cases to visualise progress. A simple modern platform that allows you to get a more visual overview of the tasks that either need to get done or are complete. At its core, it consists of a physical or digital board with three columns (To Do, In progress, Done) and tasks listed as story cards. Unlike other kanban

tools, Sengkuyung iis easier to use and has many features and functionalities that you could not find in any kanban platform Sengkuyung is a visual project management framework used to implement Agile that encourages small, incremental updates to projects or systems. Today, Sengkuyung not only used for agile scrum project management but also many different use cases. Sengkuyung is available in modern web and mobile responsive platform.